Shuffleboard Rules

Morrell Tavern Shuffleboard League Rules

  • All games to 21 (Win by 1)
  • 4 Games per match (1 point for each win and 1 point for totals)
  • If a team is not ready to start 20 minutes after the start time of the match that team FORFEITS all games
  • Each team must carry a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 5 players.
                        Player MUST have shot in at least       games to qualify to shoot in the playoffs.
                        Team MUST have 3 qualifying players to shoot in the playoffs
  • Flip a coin to decide which team shoots first. Winner of a game shoots first the following game
  • Team that scores in the frame shoots first the next frame
  • Puck must completely pass closest foul line or it is taken off the board
  • Puck must be completely over the point line to score the appropriate point, otherwise it is scored as the lower point. ALL pucks of the same color closest to the end of the board are counted
  • Hanger off the end of board is 5 points
  • If the closest pucks to the end of the board are tied, they cancel and the remaining pucks ARE counted
  • You must shoot the whole game the same way you start (sideboard or top board) No switching during the game
  • Hammer (last shot) is switched if no points are scored
  • No talking to teammate about status of shot or strategy during the game (However, 1 timeout per game is allowed per team)
  • A player is NOT allowed to go past the leather collar on their end to check their shot(s)
  • A player can lightly sprinkle the board up to the leather collar ONLY before their shot
  • A player may NOT touch, drag or cause powder to be removed from the playing surface. Penalty: one warning, one point deduction for each additional infraction
  • Pucks shall not be removed at the end of a frame until both parties have viewed and agreed upon the score
  • If a player who should have hammer shoots first (out of turn) they lose the hammer and must complete the frame in the same rotation
  • All pucks shall be visible in the gutter. NO holding a puck unless you are shooting
  • A player may ONLY hold the puck they will release while shooting
  • Double release shots are NOT permitted
  • A legal puck can only leave the playing surface under its own momentum, or by being struck by another puck. If a hanging puck falls because the table may have been bumped or shook, it will be replaced back to the same spot
  • A legal delivery: Both feet shall be behind the closet leg on the table and at least one foot on the floor
  • A player will NOT hold drinks, cigarettes or any foreign objects while in the act of shooting
  • One point is awarded per win & one point is awarded for totals (4 games per match/5 total points per match)
  • Re-waxing of the board can only be done prior to a new match